triangulo MTXTunnel-GPS –   GPRS/GPS device for fleet control

The MTXTunnelGPS is a device that is designed to be integrated into fleet control systems based on GPS positioning and GPRS communication. Installed in a vehicle it will take GPS positions and send them periodically to a TCP/IP server (or Http Get webserver) though GPRS communications.

But it doesn’t only offer this. The MTXTunnelGPS v2 software has inherited a lot of features from the well known MTXTunnel v5 and it also has a GPRSRS232 gateway, Telnet, AT commands via SMS, sending telemetries, …

Furthermore the MTXTunnel-GPS has a lot of additional features that are listed below:


Main Features:

  • Periodically sends GPS positions through GPRS communication to a server via TCP/IP socket or Webserver.
  • GPRS-RS232 transparent gateway(TCP Server mode)
  • Telnet for remote device configuration and for reading states.
  • Total control via SMS
  • Keep alive
  • GSM cell tracking in case of GPS coverage loss.
  • Sending telemetries (digital inputs)
  • Low power mode.
  • Firewall to avoid unauthorized access. 
  • GPRS-I2C/SPI, SMS-RS232 tunnels. 
  • SSL Security
  • API for third party application integration.